Essence of the Man

What makes a man, a man? Is it his style, hobbies, musical taste, career, personality, passions, or a combination of everything? You can tell a lot from a man’s living space, bachelor pad, office, and/or man-space.  Does your space reflect your [...]

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Don’t Get Caught Naked

Did that catch your attention? Good! There is no excuse for a bare window in your home. So let's talk about dressing your naked windows. Why does it matter? Privacy for starters. Preventing fading on fabrics and artwork from daily direct [...]

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BEFORE and AFTER: Living Room

MAY 2013 - Pamela Kofsky of Elegant Interior Designs won Honorable Mention for the Interior Design Awards in Philadelphia for Singular Residential Design. In this category, a total of 2 awards were given. Below Pamela shares the story of the design process, [...]

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High Point Furniture Market Trip in April 2013

What an exciting trip!!  High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world.  With over 2,000 exhibitors and 75,000 attendees, it’s almost impossible to see it all. There were tens of thousands of new product introductions and [...]

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Sexiest Masculine Bathrooms

Who would have thought a bathroom could be sexy and masculine simultaneously?  We did!  Check out these bathrooms fit for celebrities. Let us know which celebrity you would match to the style bathroom. Below are a few of our favorite looks [...]

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Fifty Shades Darker

If you are one of our newsletter subscribers you were greeted with our “Fifty Shades of Grey” newsletter at the end of last year. Many of our readers loved the idea and play on words so we decided to continue the [...]

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“Fifty Shades of Grey”

Grey is by no means a new color, however, we are seeing a lot more of it in design, patterns, and materials throughout the design process in both fashion and interior decorating. Adding Shades of Grey to your Home: A light [...]

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The Ultimate Winter Sunroom

The Ultimate Winter Sunroom With the consistently cold weather around the corner and the first snowfall on the books now is the time to bring the outdoors in with an updated sunroom. Unfortunately, it is a little late in the season [...]

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10 Tips for Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking for some interesting ideas to create a more enjoyable and functional outdoor living area?  Well, here are some simple recommendations that once implemented can make quite a difference in the look and feel of your space. 1.  Create [...]

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