Size Doesn’t Matter

I recently attended KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) and IBS (International Builders Show) in Orlando, Florida where the latest innovations of the interior design industry were shown. At these shows, I took special notice of three different houses of three different sizes. Read below to see my favorites:

The New American Home

The creators of this $6 million home spared no expense to combine an indoor-outdoor living experience in which the line between inside and outside the home is blurred. At 8,200 sq ft, this home is grand in size; yet, the design has it looking even grander. For example, the large windows surrounding the courtyard create an inclusive vibe that feels as though the courtyard is an extension of living space, rather than outside grounds.

We saw this concept throughout this home; every room had a view to the rest of the house, and to the surrounding nature. The styling and décor is simple so that the outdoors truly becomes the highlight of each room. The tall windows create the illusion that this living area is trill outdoors.

This concept of combining the indoor and outdoor is continued into the bathroom with only a large window separating the bathtub from the palm trees.

This home also bring the outdoors back inside in a completely new way that any golfer would appreciate. Homeowners can play a virtual game or practice their swing on this simulator, all while feeling like they’re actually on the golf course.


The Tiny House

While the multi-million dollar mansion is magnificent, I also had the opportunity to tour a Tiny House. Tiny Houses are gaining popularity in the housing market for their self-sustainability and low maintenance costs. These homes are classified by their petite stature (500 sq ft or less!). See what that size actually amounts to in the picture below.

Even though these houses are tiny, homebuyers are not forced to compromise. Specifically, tiny homes are designed to be completely equipped with fully functional kitchens and bathrooms.





















Often, a Tiny House features a lofted sleeping area to utilize the horizontal space, with the slanted roof to create an illusion of a higher ceiling.


55+ Model Home

 This one-st0ry 55+ community model home highlights the future o the housing market with various innovations and gadgets.
Saving space should not be exclusively for the Tiny House. Rather, utilizing all space provides any homeowner with the opportunity to enhance a room. This den consisting of a sofa and shelves can easily be transformed into an extra sleeping space for guests. With this illusion, homeowners don’t have to compromise living space or an extra bed– it’s possible to have both!
Continue the coziness by the outdoor pool. Homeowners can stay cool by day and warm by night with the attached fire pit.
Like the New American Home, this home also combines indoor-outdoor living with the addition of an outdoor lounge. The TV offers entertainment, while the fireplace transports homeowners into a total state of relaxation.
Homeowners will also have the latest technology installed in the bathroom. This state-of-the-art toilet has a remote control panel to provide comfort and luxury while sitting on the porcelain throne.

Window of Opportunity

20% off Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, and motorization throughout the month of September. 

Not only can a window treatment visually enhance any room, but there are many functional aspects of a window treatment, too. Take advantage of 20% off Hunter Douglas shades, blinds, and motorization to personally experience the benefits of these top-of-the-line window treatments.

Hunter Douglas energy-efficient products can help to keep you comfortable all-year-round while you save money on your heating and air-conditioning bills. Purchase select energy-efficient products and you may qualify for a $500 federal tax credit.
Hunter Douglas offers the option to make window treatments motorized. This feature makes it easy to control those difficult to reach windows.
 Watch this short 30 sec. clip to learn more about motorization:

The convenience of a motorized window treatment allows you to program your shades to adjust to the exact positions you want throughout the day on a schedule that you set. The built in timer can be controlled by an app on your smartphone, tablet or remote control. Shade motorization eliminates the need for unsightly cords creating a safer environment for children and pets.
Hunter Douglas’s Silhouette has soft adjustable fabric veins that appear to be floating between two fabric panels which diffuses harsh sunlight.  These help eliminate the glare on a TV that ruins an otherwise perfect picture. Artwork and fabrics alike can fade and lose their original appeal, but window treatments can block potentially harmful sun exposure that can damage furniture.

Here at Elegant Interior Designs we are ready to assist you to ensure that window treatment shopping isn’t a pane in the glass. Contact us by September 30 to get in on this hot deal.

Time to Get Nauti(cal)

Bring the Outdoors Back In

Get in touch with your animalistic side by featuring an aquatic animal, like these fish, as a centerpiece of any table or mantle top.






Not a fan of these bronzed fish? No problem- swim into a new style with these decorative fish wall pieces that add a splash of personality to any room. The bright colors give a warm, summer feel while the eccentric patterns are unique and lively.











This picnic-inspired table pictured is also a great addition to bring the outdoors back inside your home. The exposed wood evokes a feeling of nature, and will be sure to serve all of your needs, like being a place to set down a cold beer!

Paint color is an easy way to bring summer fun into your home, especially with a bright color like a lime green. The color of paint can set the mood for any room, so whether you are aiming for a kid-friendly area or an enjoyable entertaing space, paint the walls a bright, solid color that creates drama before adding the appropriate décor.

Naut Your Average Room

Continue the fun, funky flare of your room by adding a nautical themed piece of artwork to an empty wall. These worn paintings give a vintage vibe that is sure to elicit a longing for the beach.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.03.59 AM








Whether you want a home so hot it will melt your popsicle, or a cool room to relax in, contact me via phone or email.

Still feeling Nauti(cal)?




This bedroom has many exciting elements. The oar headboard creates a dramatic effect and serves as the perfect statement piece in any vacation home or child’s room. The combination of athletics and creativity produces an aesthetically pleasing piece.

The ottoman, alternating between white and various shades of blue, offers a pop of color that ties in with the hues of blue throughout the bedroom. Blue seems to be the base color of this room, ranging from the navy stripped duvet to the turquoise cabinets to the blue tray accessory at the end of the bed. However, this room is not simply blue! There is much contrast with fun patterns like the stripped pillows.

Looking closer, you can see that this room truly fits our nautical theme with the detailed cabinet that is made up of aligning flip-flops. Even the side table and lamp portray a colorful school of fish to finish off this look.

For more inspiration, check out the rest of the website, or contact us with your design dilemma.

Hot (And Cold) Kitchen Trends 2016

I’ve got kitchens on my mind after returning from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas,(January 19 – 21) and you should too. KBIS, in conjunction with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) is an inspiring, informative show that showcases the latest industry products, trends and technologies. So, I thought it would be apropos to feature some of the kitchen highlights that caught my attention during KBIS.


  • Refrigeration in a drawer: It looks like a typical kitchen drawer, but acts like a fridge.  Available in a wide range of sizes, these under-counter, camouflaged coolers can store all the usual perishables or replace the produce or deli drawers in your fridge.

• Culinary preservation centers: The picture of versatility, this all-in-one unit becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen, with one or more refrigerators, freezer, and even a glass-paneled wine fridge.  Custom doors can blend in with the kitchen cabinetry.

Blast chiller

• Blast chillers: The cooler cousin of the refrigerator, the blast chiller can make a bottle of champagne icy cold in 20 minutes, and by reducing food temperature from 70 degrees to 37 degrees or less in 90 minutes, it can effectively stave off bacteria growth, so you can place hot leftovers inside without letting them cool first.

• Steam convection ovens a big hit: Intelligent and versatile, these ovens give the home chef ultimate flexibility, combining steam and convection cooking to deliver great meals or breathe new life into leftovers.

Microwave in drawer

• Microwave in the drawer still a crowd pleaser: They may resemble traditional microwaves on the outside, but their pull-out design awed showgoers, and allows top loading of food and beverages.  They also free up counter space, or overhead space for an oven hood.

• Ovens that open like a door:  Why’d this take so long?  Instead of a pull-down door causing you to crouch over your oven rack, this novel design allows much easier access as it opens like a standard door.  No bending required.

Wine station 2

• Wine stations:  A great addition for any oenophile’s kitchen, this gadget lets you store your open bottles so they remain chilled, fresh and pourable at the touch of a button.  And they’ll keep for up to 60 days after opening.
Elegant Interior Designs can incorporate any of these state-of-the-art products into your kitchen upgrade.  Let’s talk!

Learning From the Best at Highpoint Furniture Market

Recently I had the good fortune to attend the Highpoint Spring Market.  As you may know, Highpoint, N.C., is the epicenter of the furniture and home furnishings industry in the U.S., and thousands of designers, retailers and manufacturers turn out each year to showcase and order new, innovative pieces and generally connect with others in the industry.  And I sure did connect!

Alexander Jullian on the left with Pamela Kofsky

Alexander Jullian on the left with Pamela Kofsky


Raymond Waites - Artemis Collection

Raymond Waites – Artemis Collection








While perusing the exhibits, I turned around and noticed Alexander Julian, the famed fashion designer who has recently brought his sartorial aesthetic to the furnishings arena.  Later during my trip, I literally ran into Raymond Waites, a renowned interior designer known for combining opulence with simplicity.  They are both rock stars in this business, and, wonderfully, they were both very giving of their time to speak with this humble designer.  The conversations we had opened my eyes to new ways of bringing your home or work environment to vibrant life while bringing out your likes and personality.  You can read more about the Highpoint Spring Market and my experiences here.

Shades of Grey Can Transform Your Space into a Romantic Playground

burlesque console hallwayBurlsesque Table

Fifty  Shades of Grey paints an opulent portrait of a steamy sexual relationship, but you don’t have to desire your own “red room” to incorporate some of Christian Grey’s lavish lifestyle choices into your personal space.  The fact is, just about all the décor you see in the industrialist’s lofty apartment is available from Elegant Interior Designs, and can help set the right mood for romance.

A sensual space arises from a combination of furnishings, fabrics, art, layout, lighting and colors.  Curved lines, like those of the Desire Sofa and Chair seen on-screen, can evoke the contours of the human body and deliver comfort, visual appeal and a sense of extravagance.   Circles and amorphous shapes, maybe best illustrated by Grey’s Burlsesque Table subliminally promote a free-flowing environment…one in which anything can happen.

desire sofa and chairDesire Sofa & Chair

Lighting, for its part, should be provocative rather than harsh, and if you can dim those lights, all the better.  Strategically placed floodlights and accent lights can create a climate conducive to seduction, while putting the focus on other design elements.  Decorative sconces, such as the ribbon-like Chloe sconce seen in the film, can also add a dramatic flair to a subtle form of lighting.

Chloe Sconce

And dark, tasteful colors can provide aristocratic elegance to any space.  Grey is the new black, and shades of gray can create a mood that no white can duplicate.  Greys also make a dramatic backdrop for colorful art and other decorative pieces.


Vivre Sconce

Finally, don’t let your desire for desire overshadow your personal tastes.  Your style might run toward the flamboyant – like Christian Grey’s eye-catching Guilt Mirror – or the more staid, epitomized by the Sinful Cabinet.  You might go for spare seductiveness, embodied by the Exotica Dressing Table seen on-screen, or something more statement-making like the hexagonal Hypnotic Chandelier.  Other Grey-like pieces that can inject your individuality include the captivating, industrial Vivre Sconce or the nature-evoking Sequoia Table.

50 shades collage names

Most of us aren’t kinky titans of business, but you can implement these design choices; all you need is a romantic’s sensibility and an eye for things that make you feel good.  Many of the furnishings seen in the film are also available in a variety of fabrics, colors or  materials, so you’re not bound by some Hollywood set decorator’s vision of sensual.

Of course, a creative designer can help you put it all together.  And if you just have to have that exact piece you saw on screen, Elegant Interior Designs can help with that too.

Color Trend Alert- Marsala

ht_pantone_color_year_marsala_jc_141203_16x9_992If you’re seeking a great color for your interior design, you can’t go wrong with Marsala.  Named Color of the Year for 2015 by Pantone – the arbiter of all things in commercial color and creator of the Pantone color matching system – Marsala “enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability,” according to the company.

“Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth,” Pantone adds.

Named for the popular wine variety, Marsala (Panonte 18-1438) is a tasteful hue that appeals to both men and women, and works well as a wall color or for accessories.  And it pairs exceptionally well with a wide variety of tones, including members of the gold, apricot and lilac families, among others.

Other colors might not be Color of the Year, but they’re very popular right now.  Gray, for example, is the new black.  It has an inherent calmness and sophistication.  It is also neutral, so it pairs well with many colors, and is perfect for making other furnishings, art and accessories stand out.

And don’t forget red, which is still going strong for its ability to add excitement to any room.

Seductive Outdoor Spaces


It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end and fall is around the corner. Philadelphia area residents have the luxury of four seasons which means we should have an outdoor space fit for each season.
(TL) Outdoor Theatre Houzz (TR) Traditional Patio

Trending now is not only creating amazing outdoor spaces but integrating luxury and amenities such as fireplaces, fire pits, built-in grills, outdoor kitchens, tiered spaces and pergolas, to name a few. These amenities can be so awesome and would be ideal for anyone that enjoys kicking back, relaxing and enjoying life with the added benefit of increasing the value to your home. Let’s fall in love with

Fall and each season all over again.

Mediterranean Patio by Washington Interior Designers & Decorators Sroka Design, Inc.

Friendly warning if you want to do it yourself…

As a designer, I have seen people add pieces one by one and it just doesn’t work and it shows. So… treat your outdoors like you do your indoors – see the full potential. Spaces outside the home have more considerations, for example: seasonal accent lighting, space layout, amenity selection and a lot more.


Need inspiration or want to see the potential of your space? 


A New Story Being Told

Having just celebrated 10 years in the business I think now is the perfect time for my own makeover. Watching trends come and go, colors fade in and out there has been a common thread among my clients and projects… fantasy. Each client has a vision of what their space should be and that usually includes a WOW feature, accessory and amenity. A room redesign is no longer just a color change on the walls and new pillows but it’s about the transformation of a space from fantasy to reality.  Our new mission and tag line at Elegant Interior Designs is the following:

Elegant Interior Designs makes fantasy a reality by bringing a space to life with award winning interior designs, allowing your life story to unfold, one room at a time.

Elegant Interior Designs curating the spaces for your story to unfold.


What does this mean for my designs? The options are limitless and always have been. But now I am encouraging you to think outside the box. Let me make your fantasy a reality – nothing is off the table and nothing is impossible. So share your home fantasy, is it:

  • A Rainfall Shower for Two
  • A Dressing Suite with Walk-In Closet
  • Chef’s Kitchen fit for a King or Queen
  • Ultimate Playroom for Kids

To tell your best life stories start with the best setting – Elegant Interior Design will make your fantasy a reality one room at a time.

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