If you are one of our newsletter subscribers you were greeted with our “Fifty Shades of Grey” newsletter at the end of last year. Many of our readers loved the idea and play on words so we decided to continue the theme just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Fifty Shades of Grey is now Fifty Shades Darker as we explore the colors of grey to black used in interior design styles. Yes, you read that correctly black in design. The color black is an excellent way to add drama to a room, make a painting or sofa pop, or attract your eye to an area in the room or home. Here are 5 ways to incorporate black, the darker shade of grey, into your home this month:

  1. Accent Lamp – Contrary to what you might think the use of a dark or black lampshade can drastically change the mood in a space to warm and inviting.
  2. Kitchen Chairs – Trends have shifted in kitchen design. Many kitchens now feature an island with granite countertops and accent stools. Adding black kitchen stools or chairs can add a bang to your island effect.
  3. Large Candlesticks – Need a way to frame your fireplace? Try using chunky black or dark grey candlesticks in 2 different sizes with white candles.
  4. Area Rugs – Do you have a high-traffic area or tend to have family members ‘spill’ food or drink in your family room? Add a darker area rug, with black accents.
  5. Accent Items – Adding a splash of ‘grey’ or ‘black’ with accent pieces is a fun and easy way to spice up a room with a clock, picture frame, pillow, art, or coffee table books.
Here is a sample of Elegant Interior Designs work incorporating many of the ideas listed above:
Fifty Shades Darker