Top 10 Trends in Interior Design by 2020

Ever wonder what Interior Design Trends will be in the future? We asked ourselves the same question and with a little digging we found a survey with opinions from across the industry. Here is an abbreviation of the survey:

 1. Americans will be living in smaller spaces and with fewer rooms by the year 2020, say more than 76% of IFDA members.

2. Formal living rooms are going extinct, according to an increasing majority of design professionals

3. Dining rooms will become multi-purpose spaces, incorporating home offices, study areas for children, and entertainment centers.

4. Separate rooms are disappearing: they are blending into spaces that serve many different purposes, believe 91.5 % of the design experts


Paint with Color – Designer Tips

Did you catch September’s Newsletter? If so, then you must be anxious for the Painting Color Tips by your very own Pamela Kofsky, Color Consultant. Pam does offer a la carte services including a color consultation when selecting a wall color for your next room.

Purpose of Space

  • What is the purpose of the space?
  • What mood are you setting?
  • Is this a high-traffic area?
  • Will the kids or pets make contact with the wall?

Selecting a Paint Color

  • What is your color palette for your room/space?
  • What are the other items in the room or space?
  • Are you looking for a solid color or a two-toned room?
  • Are you looking at a WARM color palette or a COOL color palette?
    • WARM = Red, Orange, Yellow
    • COOL = Blue, Green, Purple

Selecting a Finish
Know your options, each option reflects light differently:

  • Semi-Gloss
  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Flat
  • Satin

Bedroom Bliss: MASTER SUITE

No Kids? Why not treat yourself to a modern upgrade? 

Is your master suite is stuck in the 70s, 80s, or 90s? If you have waited long enough your bedroom might be back in style but it might be time to update the textiles in the room. Yes, you can work with existing furniture in your room and still have a successful makeover.  Focus on items that wear or may be outdated. Consider alternating existing room features: from wallpaper to paint, carpet to hardwood, floral to patterns, and mirrors to framed art.  Don’t forget new linens, new wall color and finish, wall art, accessories, and even refinishing your furniture with a lighter or darker finish.

Tips for Getting Started:

  •  Keep vs. Sell/Donate
  •  Create a Color Palette
  •  Furniture Placement/Room Layout
  •  Flooring vs. Carpet
  •  Wallpaper vs. Paint

 Things to Consider:

  •   Lighting and Room Ambience – Softer Lights Work Well
  •  Explore Window Coverings, Shades, and Blinds to Control Morning & Evening Light
  •  Is there room for a sitting area or an extra room to convert to a sitting area?
  •  Can you maximize natural light in your room?

Remember: A bedroom is meant to be a place of rest and comfort.

For Kid’s Room Ideas Check out our Kids Room Blog!

** Need help getting started? Seek Professional Help and you can Enter the Summer Room Makeover Contest!

Bedroom Bliss: KIDS

Believe it or not, another school year is just around the corner. As time flies and you may be realizing that your kids are all grown up.  Maybe the dinosaur, trains, or space-themed bedroom is outdated, especially now they are entering middle school.  Below you will find tips for updating any bedroom space. Remember when it comes to your child’s room trends come and goes quickly. If you are selecting a theme choose carefully unless you are OK with constantly updating the room to fit the age range.

 Tips for Kids’ Bedroom Makeover:

  •  Bold Colors
  •  Shapes
  •  Patterns
  •  Customized Wall Decals (Removable)
  •  Window Treatments
  •  Reversible Comforter

For Master Suite Ideas Click Here

** Need help getting started? Seek Professional Help and you can Enter the Summer Room Makeover Contest!


Did you ever look at a room and think it’s nicely furnished but it wasn’t quite right, something was missing?  Well, it’s the accessories that add the finishing touch which can make all the difference. Picture a well-dressed woman wearing a beautiful evening gown, but lacking:

  •      any discriminating jewelry
  •      coordinating evening bag
  •      shoes that compliment the outfit

The same concept applies to dressing a room in your home.  The accessories are the jewelry of an interior.   They add accent and emphasis and serve to pull an entire design together.

Well-placed accessories can make any room come alive by adding interest, texture, shape, and color to the design.

Imagine what the addition of an area rug does for a room.  It can:

  •    Define and outline the space.
  •    Add design, mood, pattern, texture, and warmth, with a pop of color.
  •     Use in large or multi-purpose rooms to break up the space.
  •     Define individual seating groups.
  •     Establish a style or theme that other accessories can support.

To have effective placement of accessories consideration needs to be given to proper scale and proportion.  Be careful not to clutter up the walls, tables, or empty areas with “stuff.”

The days of “matching” items in a room are gone.  Today’s look is coordinating and blending colors, fabrics, and textures to create an interesting mix.

This decorating advice was provided by founder and designer Pamela Kofsky of Elegant Interior Designs. These tips will be a surefire way to spruce up any bare rooms in your home but don’t forget these tips are the starting point to transforming your space from ordinary to extraordinary

Pamela Kofsky, Featured Speaker at WPN

Womens Power Networking (WPN- Greater Philadelphia chapter) featured Founder/Designer, Pamela Kofsky as luncheon speaker.  Pamela spoke about how to accessorize your home transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary with simple design guidelines.

Below you will find a few tips:

  • Well-placed accessories can make any room come alive by adding interest, texture, shape, and color to the design.
  • Be careful not to clutter up the walls, tables, or empty areas with “stuff.”
  • Adding color and interest to the ceiling creates a more pulled-together look.

These suggestions along with our next Blog post, “Turn Ordinary Into Extraordinary: Accessorize with Style” will both be great tips to help you start accessorizing your home.

If you would like help accessorizing your home call Pamela at 215-920-9655.
Your project may qualify for the Summer Make Over Contest.

Pamela Kofsky WPN

Pamela Kofsky, Presenter, in Red Dress

Tips for a Backyard Paradise

It’s summertime, and for many, that means entertaining under the summer sun with swimming pools, barbeques, and good company. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider updating your outdoor décor. There is a good chance that you are lacking some of the pieces of furniture and accessories you need to make outdoor entertaining – and simply relaxing outdoors – the most enjoyable it can be.

The backyard has become the hot spot for entertaining, cooking, and relaxing during these warm weather months. Homeowners are bringing the comfort and luxury of their indoor rooms outside.

You can create a transition from indoors to out by incorporating furniture, lighting, or fabric into your backyard. There’s no reason to put off buying an outdoor sofa or dining table any longer. There are many styles and prices available to fit your budget and to create the outdoor living space you have always wanted.

backyard paradiseQuick Tips:

  • A ceiling structure such as a pergola to the space to make the area more functional
  • New cushions with fabrics that will stand up to the sun, rain, and wine spills
  • Adding ambiance with candles and lawn torches
  • Indulge in a cooking area with a grill, refrigerator, and/or cooktop
  • Enhance your deck with a beautiful outdoor rug
  • A fire pit or outside fireplace
  • Place pedestal urns with flowers around your space

So make a change and bring the style from your indoor rooms outside!

Of course, if you need help, give me a call!

Increase Square Footage, No Construction

It’s possible!

Finally, it’s time to increase the square footage of your home with Outdoor Living.  This time of year is my all-time favorite. As an award-winning outdoor designer, I look for a challenge.

As busy professionals with families and multiple schedules, it can be difficult to make ‘family’ time or ‘entertaining’ time. Imagine if you had a comfortable outdoor space that did not require cleaning your home. That’s right – Outdoor Living. It’s the quick fix to getting together with family and friends for a casual outdoor BBQ or roast marshmallows by the fire.

Let’s talk about how I can help you transform your backyard into an award-winning space!  The trick is getting it all to work together down to the last detail.

Want to get started now? Send us an inquiry via email (photos welcome) or call us directly for a consultation.

  • Tell us about your outdoor dilemma
  • Describe the space: Patio, Deck, Cement Slab, etc.
  • Approximate Square Footage
  • Approximate Budget

Increase Square Footage

Contest: Room Makeover

Extreme “Room” Make Over Contest 

This summer, from May 1st through August 31st, you can enter to win the Extreme “Room” Make Over contest with Elegant Interior Designs.

Are you looking to redo a space in your home this summer? Why not tackle the project and enter to win?   Not ready for your project yet?  No worries you can still refer a friend and enter to win the $100 VISA Gift Card.

Ways to Enter:

1. Refer a friend(s) and we will enter your name to win a $100 Visa Gift Card! No limit for referrals/entries.

2. Refer yourself and we will enter your name twice for the $100 Visa Gift Card.

Contact Pam to discuss your design dilemma.

Eligible Projects Include:

  • Full Room Make Over
  • Partial Room Make Over
  • Custom Window Treatments, Blinds, and/or Shades
  • Color Palette Change
    (Wall Color, Furniture, Flooring, and/or Accessories)


before Room Makeover Contest


after Room Makeover contest


“Mancave” the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

“Man Caves”

It’s time to say goodbye to the good ol’ fashion #1 Dad Coffee Mugs, Ties, and Golf Balls. Why don’t you give him what he REALLY wants… a “Man Cave.”

That’s right a Man Cave. They come in all shapes, styles, accessories, and more.  What better way to improve living space and the quality of life than to have a place you can relax, entertain and spend family time or hang out with “the boys.”

Did you check out the links to the left to show the possibilities of what a Man Cave can be? We don’t expect you to pull it all off on your own, which is why we are here to help. Whether it’s reworking a whole room, doing so on a tight budget, rearranging a disorganized mess or just picking the right color and wall art – design help is on the way!

Send us an inquiry email or call us directly for a consultation.

  • Tell us about your Hubby, Dad or Grad; or for those treating themselves your style and color preference. (Sports, Contemporary, Traditional, Movie Buff…)
  • Approximate Square Footage
  • Location of the Room or Space (Basement/Office/Garage/Outdoors)
  • Approximate Budget
  • Have a Photo on-hand? Email it.

Don’t forget to enter your MANCAVE to our SUMMER ROOM MAKEOVER CONTEST.

Mancave before


Mancave after


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