10 Tips for Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking for some interesting ideas to create a more enjoyable and functional outdoor living area?  Well, here are some simple recommendations that once implemented can make quite a difference in the look and feel of your space.

1.  Create cozy seating areas with comfy deep cushion furniture that look like an extension of your home.  Make sure the fabric is soil and fad resistant as well as water and stain repellent.

Photo: Elegant Interior Designs award winning deck

2.  An outdoor fireplace or fire-pit adds ambiance and warmth on a cool evening.

3.  Add a water feature to your backyard. Consider a fountain or create a rock lined stream with multiple waterfalls in your landscaping.

Photo from bestgardendesign.net

4.  Outdoor rugs are very trendy and help to define and anchor seating areas.

5.  Consider adding some cool shade to your patio or deck with a retractable awning.  It can also block harmful UV rays while enhancing the color and style of your outdoor space.

Photo from Aristocrat Awnings, Shades & Canopies

6.  Adding outdoor art can enhance the look and feel of the space dramatically.

7.  Hang a chandelier or decorative fan with a light over a seating area for charm and elegance.

Photo: Elegant Interior Designs award winning deck

8.  Consider installing a bed swing on your deck or porch for comfort and relaxation.  Enjoy the breeze of the open air while you sway in your swing.


9.  Add pots of flowers or decorative urns to the outside living area for more color, texture and interest.

10. Don’t forget to include a kegerator to keep cold beer on tap for those last minute get togethers.


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