Valentine’s Day is this week and we just love how there are over Fifty Shades of Grey that are trending in design right now. Why not share with our readers why we fell in love with grey, I don’t mean Christian Grey but the color grey.  So for those ladies and gentlemen looking for a new look in 2013 here are a few things to get you excited and talking about grey.

  • MASTER BEDROOM: Why not start in the bedroom, after all it is Valentine’s Day! Below’s image from Houzz is an example of using the entire pallet of grey including black in a master bedroom design.  Update your master bedroom by integrating silver lamps, picture frames, a chandelier, bedding or curtains.
Contemporary Bedroom design
  •  MASTER BATHROOM: A great place to relax and step away from the business of life. Redo your space with a complete overhaul or simply update your faucet, mirrors and lighting fixtures. A quick and easy makeover is a splash of color and new linens but why stop there? Create a complete look from top to bottom.

  • HOME’S FACADE: Interior design does not have to just happen inside the walls of your home. Many of our clients want to make over the exterior of their homes as well. Why fall in love with just the inside? Adding a new wrought iron gate, iron mailbox, front door, a stone wall, garage door, siding, planters, street numbers, porch furniture, window shutters… there are many ways to give your home curb appeal for everyone to fall in love before they hit the front door.