Shades of Grey Can Transform Your Space into a Romantic Playground

burlesque console hallwayBurlsesque Table

Fifty  Shades of Grey paints an opulent portrait of a steamy sexual relationship, but you don’t have to desire your own “red room” to incorporate some of Christian Grey’s lavish lifestyle choices into your personal space.  The fact is, just about all the décor you see in the industrialist’s lofty apartment is available from Elegant Interior Designs, and can help set the right mood for romance.

A sensual space arises from a combination of furnishings, fabrics, art, layout, lighting and colors.  Curved lines, like those of the Desire Sofa and Chair seen on-screen, can evoke the contours of the human body and deliver comfort, visual appeal and a sense of extravagance.   Circles and amorphous shapes, maybe best illustrated by Grey’s Burlsesque Table subliminally promote a free-flowing environment…one in which anything can happen.

desire sofa and chairDesire Sofa & Chair

Lighting, for its part, should be provocative rather than harsh, and if you can dim those lights, all the better.  Strategically placed floodlights and accent lights can create a climate conducive to seduction, while putting the focus on other design elements.  Decorative sconces, such as the ribbon-like Chloe sconce seen in the film, can also add a dramatic flair to a subtle form of lighting.

Chloe Sconce

And dark, tasteful colors can provide aristocratic elegance to any space.  Grey is the new black, and shades of gray can create a mood that no white can duplicate.  Greys also make a dramatic backdrop for colorful art and other decorative pieces.


Vivre Sconce

Finally, don’t let your desire for desire overshadow your personal tastes.  Your style might run toward the flamboyant – like Christian Grey’s eye-catching Guilt Mirror – or the more staid, epitomized by the Sinful Cabinet.  You might go for spare seductiveness, embodied by the Exotica Dressing Table seen on-screen, or something more statement-making like the hexagonal Hypnotic Chandelier.  Other Grey-like pieces that can inject your individuality include the captivating, industrial Vivre Sconce or the nature-evoking Sequoia Table.

50 shades collage names

Most of us aren’t kinky titans of business, but you can implement these design choices; all you need is a romantic’s sensibility and an eye for things that make you feel good.  Many of the furnishings seen in the film are also available in a variety of fabrics, colors or  materials, so you’re not bound by some Hollywood set decorator’s vision of sensual.

Of course, a creative designer can help you put it all together.  And if you just have to have that exact piece you saw on screen, Elegant Interior Designs can help with that too.

Improve Your Porch

Would you like to have a great outdoor experience inside or under a shaded area?

Traditional Porch by Denver Architects & Designers RMT Architects

Do you have a porch you would that you would like to turn into a relaxing, calming retreat? You know somewhere that you can sit and curl up with a good book. Maybe swing in a porch swing or the popular swing bed.  Don’t forget your porch can be a ‘room’ too with carefully selected rustic looking furniture, accent stone on the wall or floor perhaps even a spot for a water feature.


BEFORE and AFTER: Living Room

MAY 2013 – Pamela Kofsky of Elegant Interior Designs won Honorable Mention for the Interior Design Awards in Philadelphia for Singular Residential Design. In this category a total of 2 awards were given. Below Pamela shares the story of the design process, before and after photos along with the room layouts.

After Living Room 1

“Honorable Mention” Residential Design

“My client dreamt of a new living room in her house that reflected a “club” like feel for entertaining.  The challenge was to create a whole new look on a limited budget while incorporating many of their heirloom antiques into the space.

The client felt that their room lacked personality, with the stark white drapery and tired looking furniture.  Everything fell into place however, as I resolved which pieces to utilize.  In replacing the seating, I was able to warm up the space with custom upholstery and pillows.  New draperies, new paint and window seating gave the “club” like feel the client yearned for.  By creating this new window area, I was able to eliminate clutter and provide additional seating.  This decorating project came down to editing and refreshing the space with new accessories.

The client was ecstatic.  The final product exceeded her expectations on all levels!” – Pamela Kofsky


before living room 1

After Living Room 1









before living room 2

Kofsky Window Treatment







Floor Plans, Before & After:


Sexiest Masculine Bathrooms

Who would have thought a bathroom can be sexy and masculine at the same time?  We did!  Check out these bathrooms fit for celebrities. Let us know which celebrity you would match to the style bathroom. Below are a few of our favorite looks with our thoughts on which Hollywood celebrity might choose. We would love to hear your thoughts.


SEXIEST MAN ALIVEChatum Tanning, expecting Dad and sexist man alive, not bad for a days work!



INDUSTRIAL LOOKBradley Cooper, fast track to A list star.

Contemporary Bathroom by San Francisco Architect Glenn Robert Lym Architect


Fall in Love with Fifty Shades of Grey

Valentine’s Day is this week and we just love how there are over Fifty Shades of Grey that are trending in design right now. Why not share with our readers why we fell in love with grey, I don’t mean Christian Grey but the color grey.  So for those ladies and gentleman looking for a new look in 2013 here are a few things to get you excited and talking about grey.

  • MASTER BEDROOM: Why not start in the bedroom, after all it is Valentine’s Day! Below’s image from Houzz is an example of using the entire pallet of grey including black in a master bedroom design.  Update your master bedroom by integrating silver lamps, picture frames, a chandelier, bedding or curtains.
Contemporary Bedroom design by
Chicago Interior Designer Michael Abrams Limited
  •  MASTER BATHROOM: A great place to relax and step away from the business of life. Redo your space with a complete overhaul or simply update your faucet, mirrors and lighting fixtures. A quick and easy makeover is a splash of color and new linens but why stop there? Create a complete look from top to bottom.

Fifty Shades Darker

If you are one of our newsletter subscribers you were greeted with our “Fifty Shades of Grey” newsletter at the end of last year. Many of our readers loved the idea and play on words so we decided to continue the theme just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Fifty Shades of Grey is now Fifty Shades Darker as we explore the colors of grey to black used in interior design styles. Yes, you read that correctly black in design. The color black is an excellent way to add drama to a room, make a painting or sofa pop or to attract your eye to an area in the room or home. Here are 5 ways to incorporate black, the darker shade of grey, into your home this month:

  1. Accent Lamp – Contrary to what you might think the use of a dark or black lamp shade can drastically change the mood in a space to warm and inviting.
  2. Kitchen Chairs – Trends have shifted in kitchen design. Many kitchens now feature an island with granite counter tops and accent stools. Adding black kitchen stools or chairs can add a bang to your island effect.

“Fifty Shades of Grey”

Grey is by no means a new color, however we are seeing a lot more of it in design, patterns and materials throughout the design process in both fashion and interior decorating.

Adding Shades of Grey to your Home:

A light or dark shade of grey will make for a great accent wall in a living room, kitchen, office, bathroom and even the nursery. Using the concept of an accent wall select a dominant color on 3 walls and on the 4th wall, usually the featured wall with a piece of wall art or furniture use a darker shade of the color.

Other ways to incorporate softer or bolder shades of grey is through accent pieces and accessories in the room and home.

  • Place Settings
  • Throw Pillows
  • Area Rugs
  • Picture/Art Frames
  • Vases

How about these amazing photographs from – featured below a few highlights from tile to accents to accessories to wall color.
Where would you like to add a splash of grey in your home?

Traditional Dining Room design by Austin General Contractor Avenue B Development

Newest Tile Trends

I recently was invited to a tile seminar that displayed what’s hot and exciting in tile innovations for 2012. Here are some pictures of what caught my eye. Thought you may find the upcoming trends interesting.

 90% of the tiles produced today are porcelain.  They are usually heavier than ceramic and are made from a denser finer clay. This means they look great and are durable for the long-run.

Glass tiles create a beautiful look.  They can be used on a full shower wall, as a back splash or border.  Here you can see that some of the glass tiles are with mother of pearl, stone and metal.  Glass tiles can be paired with a plain larger tile to add instant texture and interest.  They could be placed behind a bar with down lighting to emphasize the graduated heights of the tile.


Walls Bring a Room to Life

The wall color helps to create the right look and feel for the room. Most frequently clients ask for help with bland looking walls since they are not sure what color spectrum they should stick to for their walls.  Many times they are uncertain with what to do with the color because the rooms open into one another.

Pamela Kofsky recently delivered a speech at a Women’s Power Networking luncheon on tips for making walls more of a focal point in a room. In this discussion, Pamela answered questions which clients usually are concerned about, including the tips below. Each room should have its own personality, and to help that, here are some ideas for sprucing up plain walls:

Wall décor can be painted directly onto
the wall, or as seen in the picture above,
a mounted piece of fabric. Moulding can be
added as a  frame to give the room depth.


How to Create a Romantic Ambiance

The month of February is the perfect time to take a break from your busy schedule and celebrate with your loved ones. Romanticizing your living space is ideal for setting the right mood.  Here are a few tips for making the perfect ambiance for you and your Valentine.

The pictures below display Pamela Kofsky’s Valentine’s Day themed work for a benefit at the Marketplace Design Center in Philadelphia.  As you can see, Pamela incorporated all the tips suggested to make a decadent table setting.

Isn’t this romantic?

Setting the lights on a dimmer will create a more romantic ambiance.  Add tealights, votive, pillar and tapered candles to your table to create an enchanted look.   This will create sensual lighting which will provide mood enhancement to accompany your romantic meal.

Think of setting the table as setting the color.  Incorporate a lot of red since this evokes the most emotion associated with love,  warmth, excitement and

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