Ever wonder what Interior Design Trends will be in the future? We asked ourselves the same question and with a little digging we found a survey with opinions from across the industry. Here is an abbreviation of the survey:

 1. Americans will be living in smaller spaces and with fewer rooms by the year 2020, say more than 76% of IFDA members.

2. Formal living rooms are going extinct, according to an increasing majority of design professionals

3. Dining rooms will become multi-purpose spaces, incorporating home offices, study areas for children, and entertainment centers.

4. Separate rooms are disappearing: they are blending into spaces that serve many different purposes, believe 91.5 % of the design experts

5. Furniture also goes multi-purpose with modular, moveable, and smaller scaled furniture overtaking built-ins and big pieces.

6. Eat-in kitchens will remain a necessity and could replace dining rooms due to the increased interest in home cooking.

7. Spa baths are very likely to succeed.  Luxurious products such as spa showers and high-tech fixtures/TVs are on the rise.

8. High-Tech is here to stay.  Voice and sensor activation will be the norm.  Lighting, entertainment, and environmental controls (heating and cooling) and window treatments will be motorized by the general population.

9. Outdoor living with low maintenance is a must.  Low-maintenance landscaping and “functional” gardens with herbs and vegetables will be prevalent.

10. The average home size will shrink due to concern over energy costs and the fact that baby boomers no longer need a large number of bedrooms.

The Top 10 Trends were sourced from the “20/20: IFDA’s Vision for the Future” survey of the association’s nearly 2000 members across the US and abroad (including Japan). 

For more information about how you can stay ahead of the curve and implement any of these trends call Pamela Kofsky, founder and designer at Elegant Interior Designs for a consultation on your project.