Did you ever look at a room and think it’s nicely furnished but it wasn’t quite right, something was missing?  Well, it’s the accessories that add the finishing touch which can make all the difference. Picture a well-dressed woman wearing a beautiful evening gown, but lacking:

  •      any discriminating jewelry
  •      coordinating evening bag
  •      shoes that compliment the outfit

The same concept applies to dressing a room in your home.  The accessories are the jewelry of an interior.   They add accent and emphasis and serve to pull an entire design together.

Well-placed accessories can make any room come alive by adding interest, texture, shape, and color to the design.

Imagine what the addition of an area rug does for a room.  It can:

  •    Define and outline the space.
  •    Add design, mood, pattern, texture, and warmth, with a pop of color.
  •     Use in large or multi-purpose rooms to break up the space.
  •     Define individual seating groups.
  •     Establish a style or theme that other accessories can support.

To have effective placement of accessories consideration needs to be given to proper scale and proportion.  Be careful not to clutter up the walls, tables, or empty areas with “stuff.”

The days of “matching” items in a room are gone.  Today’s look is coordinating and blending colors, fabrics, and textures to create an interesting mix.

This decorating advice was provided by founder and designer Pamela Kofsky of Elegant Interior Designs. These tips will be a surefire way to spruce up any bare rooms in your home but don’t forget these tips are the starting point to transforming your space from ordinary to extraordinary