Time to Get Nauti(cal)

Bring the Outdoors Back In

Get in touch with your animalistic side by featuring an aquatic animal, like these fish, as a centerpiece of any table or mantle top.






Not a fan of these bronzed fish? No problem- swim into a new style with these decorative fish wall pieces that add a splash of personality to any room. The bright colors give a warm, summer feel while the eccentric patterns are unique and lively.











This picnic-inspired table pictured is also a great addition to bring the outdoors back inside your home. The exposed wood evokes a feeling of nature, and will be sure to serve all of your needs, like being a place to set down a cold beer!

Paint color is an easy way to bring summer fun into your home, especially with a bright color like a lime green. The color of paint can set the mood for any room, so whether you are aiming for a kid-friendly area or an enjoyable entertaing space, paint the walls a bright, solid color that creates drama before adding the appropriate d├ęcor.

Naut Your Average Room

Continue the fun, funky flare of your room by adding a nautical themed piece of artwork to an empty wall. These worn paintings give a vintage vibe that is sure to elicit a longing for the beach.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.03.59 AM








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