Improve Your Porch

Would you like to have a great outdoor experience inside or under a shaded area?

Traditional Porch by Denver Architects & Designers RMT Architects

Do you have a porch you would that you would like to turn into a relaxing, calming retreat? You know somewhere that you can sit and curl up with a good book. Maybe swing in a porch swing or the popular swing bed.  Don’t forget your porch can be a ‘room’ too with carefully selected rustic looking furniture, accent stone on the wall or floor perhaps even a spot for a water feature.


10 Tips for Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking for some interesting ideas to create a more enjoyable and functional outdoor living area?  Well, here are some simple recommendations that once implemented can make quite a difference in the look and feel of your space.

1.  Create cozy seating areas with comfy deep cushion furniture that look like an extension of your home.  Make sure the fabric is soil and fad resistant as well as water and stain repellent.

Photo: Elegant Interior Designs award winning deck

2.  An outdoor fireplace or fire-pit adds ambiance and warmth on a cool evening.

3.  Add a water feature to your backyard. Consider a fountain or create a rock lined stream with multiple waterfalls in your landscaping.

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4.  Outdoor rugs are very trendy and help to define and anchor seating areas.


Increase Square Footage, No Construction

It’s possible!

Finally it’s time to increase the square footage of your home with Outdoor Living.  This time of year is my all time favorite. As an award winning outdoor designer I look for a challenge.

As busy professionals with families and multiple schedules it can be difficult to make ‘family’ time or ‘entertaining’ time. Imagine if you had a comfortable outdoor space that did not require cleaning your home? That’s right – Outdoor Living. It’s the quick fix to getting together with family and friends for a casual outdoor BBQ or roast marshmallows by the fire.

Let’s talk about how I can help you transform your backyard into an award winning space!  The trick is getting it all to work together down to the last detail.

Want to get started now? Send us an inquiry via email (photos welcome) or call us directly for a consultation.

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