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Fall is coming, which means our outdoor entertaining will likely be around a fire pit. But there’s more to enjoying your outdoor space in the crisp weather than stoking the flames.

I had the privilege of being interviewed in the July issue of House & Home Magazine about fall decorating…both inside and out. It’s a great time of year that’s associated with harvest and Halloween, and your choice of colors, flowers, and accessories will probably reflect that. I offered the editors of House & Home some general tips, which you can read by double-clicking the article.

While I provided ideas that could fit in a six-paragraph article, there are many, many opportunities to turn your indoor or outdoor living space into a relaxing, aesthetically pleasing retreat to host friends, sip coffee, enjoy a hot tub or dive into a book. Everyone’s space, tastes, and sensibilities are different. Some things are simple, others a bit more involved. Fortunately, Elegant Interior Designs is an expert at assessing a space, talking with a client, and keeping an eye on the budget in order to create, not the perfect space, but the perfect space for you.

I’m very excited to be featured in House & Home. But I’m even more excited to have the chance to work with you as the days begin to get shorter and the temperatures get cooler.