Improve Your Porch

Would you like to have a great outdoor experience inside or under a shaded area?

Traditional Porch by Denver Architects & Designers RMT Architects

Do you have a porch you would that you would like to turn into a relaxing, calming retreat? You know somewhere that you can sit and curl up with a good book. Maybe swing in a porch swing or the popular swing bed. ┬áDon’t forget your porch can be a ‘room’ too with carefully selected rustic looking furniture, accent stone on the wall or floor perhaps even a spot for a water feature.

Here is a little tip, most people think because a porch is ‘outside’ lighting does not matter. That is not true and the right lighting can transform your space and experience. Explore candles set deep in hurricanes or glass lanterns and even a dimmed light fixture with a fan. Like any room inside your home consulting with an interior design professional can help take your room from ordinary to extraordinary!

Your porch can be open air or you can choose to screen it in. Whichever you prefer.

So, how awesome would a custom porch be in your home?

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