Pam Speaks at WPN

How To Create A Room With Pizazz

Pamela Kofsky owner and designer of Elegant Interior Designs was a guest speaker at WPN, Women’s Professional Network. Pam presented on “How to Create a Room with Pizazz” to a group of professional women in February 2013. Pam decided to add pizazz to the presentation by making the presentation interactive and hands on.

Pam started the presentation with a blank foam board. She added fabrics, trims, wallpapers and paints to create a variety of pallets for a master bedroom, sitting room and bathroom design.

Here were the 3 steps Pam suggested for the women looking to create a room in their home with a little pizazz.

  1. Start with inspiration or an idea. For Pam’s demonstration purposes she chose the Chinese floral print and built the board around that design pattern.
  2. After you have found your inspiration you want to think about how you want the room to feel. Do you want a warm and cozy, cool and contemporary or functional and fun?  If you are not sure or still looking for inspiration try sourcing photos or styles from a magazine, Pinterest or HOUZZ.COM for ideas.
  3. Once you have decided on the feel of the room you will need to know how you want to use the space or layout?  You can have a professional floor plan drawn to scale to show how the furniture and seating areas will layout or you can try to pre-plan with your own sketch, but it might not turn out as well.

If you decide to hire a professional interior decorator they will assist you in taking the inspiration, the feel and layout and pull it together. Often times homeowners will create Pinterest Boards of what they like prior to starting a project and share it with their designer to get the best possible look at the right price!  A decorator will also coordinate the project so that the furniture, flooring, multi levels of lighting (include ambient, accent, task and decorative lighting), window treatments and accessories create the most impact in completing your look.


Pam Creating a Pizazzed Design Board

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